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Platters Each Platter - 24 pastries (excluding fruit platter)

Mini-Muffins   30.00


Choose from an assortment of our fresh-baked muffins: blueberry, banana, cherry cheese, banana espresso chocolate chip, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin chocolate chip, lemon, apple.


Scones & Breakfast Bread Platter   30.00              


A selection of mini blueberry or cranberry scones and banana nut, pumpkin, lemon or apple bread served with butter.


Cinnamon Roll Platter   32.00


Delicious cream cheese cinnamon rolls topped with almond icing.

Braid Platter   32.00                       

Braided sweet bread filled with cream cheese and choice of plain, blueberry, cherry or lemon filling.




Coffee Cake Platter   32.00


Choice of blueberry with lemon streusel, sour cream or strawberry cream.

Fresh Fruit Platter - serves 10-15   36.00

Seasonal fresh fruit

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